Rural Resort Petition Process:

Organizations applying for funding through the Proposition 123 - Affordable Housing Financing Funding, administered by the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), may be eligible for policy flexibilities if their project is located in a county or municipality that is classified as a Rural Resort Community.

By filing a petition, these projects may serve households with higher incomes than would otherwise be allowable -- assuming the petition is approved by the Division of Housing within the Department of Local Affairs.

Only petitions submitted by a local government will be accepted, other interested entities such as developers or non-profits must have a local government submit a petition on their behalf.

This petition can only increase income limits for projects that are awarded funding through the Land Banking Program, Equity Program, and Concessionary Debt programs administered by CHFA. Projects that have not been awarded funding from these programs cannot benefit from this petition.

A petition submitted by a local government and accepted by DOH is considered valid for the entire jurisdiction for the duration of the current 3-year funding cycle.

An informational handout on the petition process is available here.

Access the online Rural Resort Petition Form through your account.

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